2910 Series SCR04 Winged Iron Shoe


Set Screw: This boot does NOT have a set screw
Fits Balusters In: Twist & Basket, Versatile, Ribbon, Scroll
Hole Size: 1/2 Inch Square
Cross Reference: 2910,SCR04
Manufacturer: Woodmark International Coffman
Associated References: Shoe, Boot, Base, Hole Cover

Associated Iron Shoes

Flat Shoe - FSH01, 2340 Series
Flat Shoe (Set Screw)- M06, 2342 Series
Pitch Shoe - PSH02, 2350 Series
Square Universal Shoe - SQ301, 2929 Series
Round Universal Shoe - RD201, 2919 Series
Square Remodeling Shoe - RM301, 2330 Series
Round Remodeling Shoe - RM201, 2331 Series

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